Visual Arts

I am not sure whether life imitates art or art imitates life, but I am sure they are interconnected. As such, art ought to interest social scientists—it certainly interests me.

I don’t claim to be “an artist”, but I do own a camera, and when I look at the world through the lens I see the vibrancy of life differently. My photos and videos are attempts to notice and remember these moments in life.

I intrigrate  all forms of art into my teaching, assignments and research, but the video and photography on this site is not "academic," instead it is here to share the love of life, or art, depending on your perspective. My photoblog can me found at my kodachrome-photography and my videoblog  at Mykodachrome-video, or both cam be accessed by the menu on the right.

Some of my photos can also be seen on permeant display in the Community Meeting Room of Wilson Hall, McMaster University.